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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Perfect Money, OKPay, EgoPay, BitCoin.

With what scripts your templates does work?
The basic scripts which now are actively used:
GoldCoders HYIP, HYIP Manager script, Neversay's script and all it's updatings, ORO HYIP. But we can integrate our templates on any script. For this purpose contact to our support service.

How to buy template?
Goto page templates -> choose the template which has liked to you-> press the button 'BUY TEMPLATE' -> on following page press the button 'Pay' -> pay -> on next page you need to enter batch number of transaction, name of your project, slogan and some additional information. Average in 2-4 hours you receive zip archive with template to your e-mail.

How to buy banner?
Goto page banners -> press the button 'Pay' opposite to the size necessary to you -> pay -> on next page you need to enter name of your project, your e-mail and some additional information. You will receive your banner average in 6h.

How to buy plans image?
Goto page plans -> press the button 'Pay' -> pay -> on next page you need to enter name and url of your project, your e-mail and plans info. You will receive your plans average in 6h.

How after payment fill request?
After payment, you automatically will pass to page with the form. There you should need to specify:
Your script - choose from list script which you use.
Batch - batch# of transaction. It has been specified when you made transfer or you can always find it in your history.
Your e-mail - you receive template, banner or plans image to this e-mail.
Your site name - the name of your project.
Your slogan - slogan (optional).
URL - the Internet-address of your project.
Your additional info here - additional information. For example, if you want that we have installed template on your server, enter here domain/login/pass from yours ftp (the script should be already installed on this server).

Can you send .psd to me?
Sorry, NO. But you can write to us what you want to change in template and we do this.

What guarantees that I shall receive template after payment?
Look the list of our clients.
Very rare can be a small delay for technical reasons, but in any case you receive template in 1day. You can always contact us to ask any questions about your order.


We provide templates for many scripts:

GoldCoders HYIP Manager

Don't worry if you not find your script in this list. We can integrate any design to most scripts for additional payment. Also we can install your GoldCoders, HYIP Manager, Neversay or any other script to your ftp. Please contact us for more information.

Banners are the most important part of your advertising process. We are ready to design modern, nice looking and professional banners and plans images for your project. You can see some examples here:

Banners Plans image

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